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Flood Creative is the beloved child of Helen Hewitson, a designer with over 18 years experience of crafting campaigns for delightful (and delighted) clients.

As a freelancer and part of an agency team, Helen has produced campaigns for clients across a wide range of industry sectors, including Leisure & Tourism, Property & Construction, Engineering, Financial, Healthcare and Education.

Helen is a rare mix of creative design genius and commercially savvy marketeer. She focuses on function as well as form and has a gift for producing unique, beautiful and bold designs that clearly project an intended message, concept or call to action.

And, often, ideas transcend the page, screen or billboard and manifest themselves as quirky and fun guerilla marketing stunts, experiential activity or just on-the-money ad straplines…creativity is not bound by budget or brief.

With the belief that critical acclaim is as beneficial to the brand as the agency, Helen’s work has been the recipient of a Chip Shop Award, several Fresh Creative Awards, and nominated for a Roses Advertising Award.